Blue Agave Nectar


Blue Agave Nectar is a natural sweetener used in foods and beverages. It has a low glycemic index, which makes it ideal for diabetics, hypoglycemics or those who cannot handle sucrose or artificial sweeteners. Apart from raising the thrill of tequila, Blue Agave Nectar is often used in fruit juices like pomegranate or other flavors like coffee. This organic nectar is extracted from the fleshy stems and roots of Agave Tequilana, a type of agave plant grown all over Mexico and parts of South America. Actually the volcanic and semi-arid soils of these regions play a perfect host to the agave plants. To produce organic Blue Agave Nectar, farmers first gather the sap or juice in the fruit-like core or ‘pina’ of the blue agave plant by slicing off the top just before budding of the flower. And then extract in a typical process.

The juice is then selected to become dark agave syrup or is filtered to create light agave syrup. The unfiltered dark liquid contains many minerals and retains a natural and unique flavor, with a slight hint of a vanilla-like aroma. The light organic Blue Agave Nectar has the natural solids removed through a fine filtration process, creating a liquid that can be used in recipes that require a more neutral base and can be colored. Moreover, organic Blue Agave Nectar doesn’t have any strong aroma so it never overpowers the flavor of the particular it has been mixed to.

A pure dose of organic Blue Agave Nectar does not contain any unnatural and foreign sugars like Maltose, Sucrose, Mannitol and others that can be determined by chemical breakdown. It is high in fructose (more than 87%), low in glucose (around 13.10%) and does not contain any other sugars.

Blue Agave Nectar is mostly popular with those who prefer to add that extra punch to their tequila. For its multi-purpose use and qualities, organic Blue Agave Nectar is known by the natives of Mexico as "honey water" and the agave plant is considered the "Mexican Tree of Life and Abundance".

In fact it has been part of the Mexican way of life right from the tribal days of Aztecs. With time, it’s processing and usage changed and expanded but the quality and nutritional value remains same. Blue Agave Nectar generally has a long shelf life and they hardly ever crystallize, making it possible to use for a long time.