Clear Rice Syrup


Clear Rice Syrups are regarded as one of the best quality organic sweeteners introduced recently to the health food industry. They are both gentle sweeteners for baked goods, or for use in the preparation of sauces, marinades, sweetening tea or coffee, and for general cooking purposes. Made with partially or fully polished whole rice grain Clear Rice Syrups are lighter in taste, flavor and color compared to organic Brown Rice Syrups The usage of organic Clear Rice Syrups are fast catching up with the diet and health conscious peoples round the globe because people are increasingly becoming conscious of the fact that too much sugar is not good for. Excessive sugar consumption brings with it all the unpleasant consequences from tooth decay to obesity and diabetes to heart disease. However, at the same time we can't imagine our favorite Christmas cake or party desserts without sweetness in it. Now you don't have to deprive your taste buds from the alluring sweet taste, as healthy and low-carb alternatives like organic Clear Rice Syrups are readily available in the market.

Just like Brown Rice Syrups, organic Clear Rice Syrups too are consequence of steeping of rice with a special enzyme preparation. However, the organic Clear Rice Syrup varies from the brown one according to condition of the rice during the process of manufacturing. Rice, the seeds of paddy plant, is first milled to remove the outer husks of the grain; this creates brown rice. This process is continued for second round, removing the germ and the rest of the husk or bran to create white rice. In order to produce Clear Rice Syrups, the boiled white rice is conditioned with enzymatic elements to convert some of the rice starch into glucose (about 3 percent) and maltose (about 45 percent). This method converts the broken whole grains into a smooth-flavored and pleasantly sweet liquid extract, which is known as Clear Rice Syrups. These natural sweeteners generally retain 30 percent to 50 percent complex carbohydrates, plus some minerals and B vitamins. Further, Clear Rice Syrups & have a subtly sweet flavor, about two-thirds as sweet as white sugar, one-half as sweet as maple syrup and one-third as sweet as honey. For this reason, they can be counted as economical as well as much low-caloric alternative against regular sugar. And, if stored in a cool dry place, Clear Rice Syrups possess a good shelf life of more than one year.