Organic Millet Powder


Organic Millet is a type of cereal plant that produces a large crop of small seeds. Generally, millet is a generic term for at least five different small and unrelated cereal grains. In the United States, the word millet refers to proso that was among the earliest cultivated cereals, states The first written reference of organic millet is available at about 2800 13c and it is included in the list of five sacred crops of china with rice, soybeans, barley and wheat. It seems that the Mongols brought the millet overland into 100 the Middle East and Mediterranean Basin. The New Testament also has frequent references to organic millet flourished through out the Roman Empire. During middle ages, organic millet was used as a dominant food crop before it was replaced by modern wheat. This organic millet can cool stomach and spleen – pancreas. The organic millet is also useful in healing gastro intestinal irregularities. Organic powder, especially organic millet powder is basically an ayurvedic herb that helps to cure the imbalance of blood sugar. This organic millet powder actually prevents adrenaline from stimulating the liver. In this way it blocks the intestinal absorption of sugar and the blood sugar level is thereby reduced gradually and naturally. The recent researches regarding type1 and type 2 diabetes has revealed the usefulness of organic millet powder in controlling blood sugar level simultaneously maintaining healthy glucose levels. states that Organic millet powder can also be well used for weight loss and thus can be used as an important weapon against the worldwide threats of epidemic of diabetes and obesity as it has the capacity to normalize blood sugars without the use of insulin or oral medication. This organic millet powder has multiple uses. A European remedy for relieving rheumatic and arthritic pain suggests the application of a poultice of hot (not so hot as to burn the skin) millet porridge to the affected area. Due to its high alkaline ash content, organic millet is the easiest grain to digest. The organic millet can be consumed as a cereal or can be used as a side dish alone or in combination with other grains in breads, soups, stews, stuffing and even dessert. The organic millet powder can be cooked with liquid to make a light, fluffy pilaf, the usefulness of organic millet powder being popular day by day, it is consumed in the form of nutrition – cracker by mixing it with sugar, minerals, vitamins and glucose, organic millet powder along with fine sugar, vegetable oil salt, egg, milk and butter forms delicious cookies. Moreover, nowadays, states this organic millet powder is even available in the form of tablets that helps to reduce body fat and increases metabolism organic millet powder coupled with black rice and soybean can make delicious pancakes.

The organic millet powder has now brought good news to the pet lovers. As most corn is fed to cattle, most barley is brewed for bear, similarly most millet is used as birdseed. The eastern Colorado town of Otis that produces the maximum quantity of organic millet has achieved the fame of bird seed capital in America. Unbalance diets lead to the problems like organ failure, cancer or immune system suppression that eventually cost the bird its life, claims In this case organic millet powder can pacify the worried masters as it guarantees a whole nutrition for the birds. The organic millet seed, being larger, allows air movement around the seeds and generally contains around 60% carbohydrates, 12% protein, 4% minerals, as well as essential amino acids. Moreover, the organic millet seeds are generally inexpensive. A research of Yale University, according to, has proved that the organic millet is not only rich in protein, but also rich in all minerals, especially silica. The diet of the bird is this best balanced by organic millet powder, especially sprouted millet powder. Sprouts basically represent the stage of optimum vitality in the life cycle of a plant. Sprouting seeds provide the consumer with optimum nutrition in the form of easily digestible and absorbable vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, complete protein and antioxidants. The diet chart of bird is no less important as they also require adequate supply of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and protein. Sprouted millet powder can provide the bird with all these nutrition, while germinating the starch content of organic millet seed is transformed in to glucose that is readily absorbed in to the digestive system. Moreover, birds require green foods for better health. Sprouted millet powder is a very good source of green food. Sprouted millet powder can be consumed with green barley grass and alfalfa (more than 90 minerals digestive enzymes, protein, vitamin A and chlorophyll), dulse (full mineral profile) parsley (high source of calcium iron and vitamin C) and wild blue green algae (contains virtually every nutrients) good quality sprouted millet powder can used as bird seed coupled with aloe Vera, a concentrated source of nutrients. The diet designed in this way provides the bird powder to cleanse, tonify, build and energize its body. Thus, according to sprouted seed provides the bird almost everything in a very low expense. But the sprouting should be successful and for it a good quality seed is essential and the organic millet seed, rich in carbohydrate, no doubt meets the purpose very easily. It is the reason for which the demand of organic millet powder is increasing among the consumers of twenty first century day by day. While it can be consumed in the form of tasty crackers or cookies, at the same time, it can be used as a very nutritious bird seed. Thus organic millet powder has made its own place in balanced diet chart of human as well as pet birds.