Organic Nuts


The popularity of organic nuts has nowadays turned into a crazy demand in the food market. The consumers of the twenty first century are not fools to go crazy over any thing, without reasons. Certainly, there are reasons that lift the demands of organic nuts on a high, states One of the most important reasons is its being traditionally hand processed. The nuts are soaked in salt water for over the night and then dried in such a process that the sprouting process begins. Organic nuts, thus processed, have nutrients more readily available, and also increase the total content of vitamin and other minerals. In sharp contrast to the raw nuts, organic nuts are easier to digest. People who have low hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) levels, as well as patients who have gall bladder problems are advised by physicians to consume organic nuts because of its easy – to digest feature, states Moreover, the organic nuts, with no added ingredients, have more natural flavor and crunch in comparison to the bland and sober taste of the raw nuts. Raw nuts contain phytic acid that actually decreases the necessary nutrients in a phytic acid and as a result of which the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, copper and zinc etc. are increased. Another remarkable information about organic nuts is that essential, heart- improving omega – 3 and omega – 6 fatty acids that your body requires but cannot produce by itself. Organic cashews are processed from the cashew, a nut that is hardly found in its shell. The outer shell contains toxic oil, cardol, that, when touched, burns the skin like poison ivy. So, by roasting the uncracked nuts at 350 degrees, cardol is released from it and then, cashew are cracked and roasted for the second time to remove an inner shell. This cashew nut is processed into organic cashews that are not only nutritive but also proficiently warming food. In comparison to other nuts including raw cashews, organic nuts are lower in fat since it contains maximum 47 percent fat and, what is more important is that most of the fat content in organic cashews is unsaturated. Organic cashew not only contains 20 percent protein but also magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in high amount to digest organic cashews that are unhanded in both their flavor and their digestibility. Organic cashews are even cooked in stir – fried dishes and curries, states They are also used in order to thicken a sauce. On the other hand organic Macadamia is almost similar to that of a Brazil nut but the organic Macadamia is comparatively more meltingly tender. The creamy colored Macadamia has its origin in north- eastern Australia and presently is native of Australia only. But the craze for organic Macadamia has caused the increase of the availability of Macadamia as a result of which Macadamia is now grown, since past few decades in Hawaii and California.

Organic Macadamia contains within it a whopping 70 percent fat content, exclaims Except oil there is no other vegetarian food that is higher in fat and calorie than organic macadamia. One pound of organic macadamia bears with it over 3500 caloric content. Organic macadamia has the most sumptuous nut flavor. Organic almonds are another organic nuts that have its popularity on a high for its containing high protein and nutrients that have its origin in ancient Asia and North America and are now cultivated in Assyria, Greece and Persia also. Organic saturated fat. In sharp contrast to the natural raw nuts, organic almonds contain no cholesterol or transfatti acids. Organic almonds fight against the elements that cause heart diseases by reducing the level of cholesterol. What is most remarkable about organic almond and its utility is that it has been proven to be a fighter against cancer, the thought of which makes heart sink. Organic almonds are great sources of magnesium, back to which may pose a rise of blood pressure, and makes blood vessels deteriorate. This may result in artery clogging, states Pistachios are one more organic nut that has gained immense popularity in the organic food market. Pistachios originated almost 10000 years ago in the holy lands on the high deserts. There is a legend that the Middle Eastern used to meet beneath the pistachio trees to hear the shell crack open in moonlight nights, which indicated the advent of good fortunes. In these days pistachios are grown in vast amount in California. Pistachios grow in clusters in small trees and are similar to grape in appearance. They crack open when they are ready to harvest pistachios. They have not only a romantic appearance but also are good for your health. This is basically, one of the best instrument to gain wealth if you agree with the proverbial saying that health is wealth. Just one ounce of pistachios contains more than 10 percent of the daily value for dietary fiber. In addition to that it has in it thiamin phosphorous, potassium and copper. Organic pistachios have the sweet green meats that enrich the taste as well as the flavor. Organic pistachios that have no added oils or other addictives have a mildly salty flavor and are naturally good for health. Organic walnuts are known as a true “brain food”. Walnuts that have a little brain like shape contain more valuable nutrients than any other nut. Walnuts are grown primarily in the U.S., Turkey, China, Pakistan, France and Iran. What is remarkable about organic walnuts is that one quarter cup of organic walnuts contain 90.8% of the daily value of omega – 3 totally acids and the essential fats, present in organic walnuts. states that they offer many health benefits like cardiovascular protection and better cognitive functioning and anti inflammatory benefits. Moreover, organic walnuts contain powerful anti oxidants that helps the immune system grow stronger, and block the metabolic pathways that in most of the cases lead to cancer.