Organic Rice Syrup


Rice Syrup is sweet stuff indeed that leaves you with no bitter worries for health because when you pour it over your pancakes remember you are getting the equivalent sweetness of half that amount of white sugar. However, unlike an after effect of sugar consumption, with Rice Syrup, you would not be gaining those extra kilos or jeopardizing your body sugar balance. So, a bottle of organic Rice Syrup even can be counted as a stress reliever as it provides you the alluring sweet taste in any recipe, minus the negative health impacts accumulated from a regular sugar dose.

Rice Syrup is a mild sweetener made from whole grain rice that has been cultured and fermented with enzymes. This enzymatic process is undertaken to break down the natural starches into complex carbohydrates, maltose and glucose. As the rice grain is boiled and the liquid removed, the remaining meal is processed into organic Rice Syrup with complex rather than simple sugars. This enables the sugars in Rice Syrup to be absorbed more slowly by the digestive system rather than being absorbed quickly into the bloodstream. This is the biggest advantage of organic Rice Syrup because in case of regular table sugar, the glucose absorption rate is faster, creating rapid increase in blood sugar level and accumulating excess fat with time. However, in case of Rice Syrup, the glucose might be absorbed immediately but the maltose and carbohydrates may take several hours to dissolve into our system. As a result, after consuming organic Rice Syrup in any form, we tend to drag our energy levels much more than the ones acquired from other fast acting sweeteners. Containing only half the sweetness of common sugar, Rice Syrup provides a mildly sweet butterscotch flavor for cookies, cakes, granola, pies, and puddings. When used in baked goods, this Rice Syrup generally creates crisper or harder textured effect. Further, these Rice Syrups hardly ever crystallize like other liquid sweeteners and are now humbly added to salad dressings and dips, candied yams or carrots and beverages too. So, be it Clear Rice Syrup or Brown Rice Syrup, these superior sweetening agents that are rich yet subtle and one of the best-known sugar substitutes. If preserved in cool and dry places, Rice Syrup boasts of a good shelf life that can extend more than a year.