Rice Protein


Protein is composed of a long chain of amino acids that are needed for the body to function properly. Proteins are the principal constituents of cellular material and serve as enzymes, hormones etc. Each protein has unique functions. These are essential components of muscles, skin, bones and the body as a whole. This is one of the three types of basic nutrients used as energy sources by the body. Protein also makes antibodies and hemoglobin.

Organic proteins include both herbal proteins and animal proteins, and the proteins may be fresh or processed depending upon the methods of production, sources and consumer perception. However, when it comes to Organic Rice Protein, the mother source of such organic protein is obviously but rice.

Organic Rice Protein is a highly digestible and non-allergenic protein that is extracted from rice with the approved organic methods only. Organic method is a process of deriving a component that is squeezed without using the artificial chemical elements like pesticides, hormones, fertilizers etc. This organic method is also followed at the time of the production of the Organic Rice Protein. AG Commodities Inc follows only the organic method to eliminate the use of synthetic or chemical substances. When it comes to Organic Rice Protein, the mother source of such organic protein is obviously rice.

Nowadays Organic Rice Protein is the basic dietary staple for more than the half of the population of the world for more than one reason. The main reason behind this if we take a closer look into the components of this product. Protein signifies to a group of complex organic macromolecules that contains hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon and other elements. It is a necessary component for the ideal functioning of a human body and also plays a vital part in repairing of tissue. The other major factor of Organic Rice Protein is that the rice is the most popular cereal grain in the world and provide more than one fifth of the calories consumed by humans everyday. It is also a well-accepted form of protein and is a necessary component for the growth of the body and strengthening the basic components of the living cells. So, when these two highly valued components come together to form Organic Rice Protein it naturally qualifies as an excellent health product. Generally Organic Rice Protein prepared from GM-free rice, Organic Rice Protein is perhaps the only hypo allergic protein and this is the vital reason for its wide success in the world of proteins. This organic product is currently being used in non-dairy drinks, as well as sports and recovery drinks. It has also proved to be effective in increasing the protein and nutritional content of baked goods, pasta, energy bars and various other meal-replacement recipes.

Recent studies by the modern nutritionists have compared the easily digestible Organic Rice Protein to mother’s breast milk in the aspect of its nutritious quality and also for the high quantity of amino acid that is common in both rice protein and breast milk.