Rice Syrup


Rice Syrups are naturally produced organic sweeteners made without the use of any cane or beet sugars corn syrups, or any other refined sweeteners. They are extracted from rice grains following an enzymic process and are hypoallergenic and gluten-free. Rice Syrups usually have a subtly sweet flavor and are regularly used as organic sugar substitutes in sweets and desserts. As they hardly ever crystallize like other liquid sweeteners, these are now humbly added to salad dressings and dips, candied yams or carrots and hot drinks. However, the most amazing fact about the organic Rice Syrups is that despite being irresistibly sweet, these substances never create a panic for your blood sugar levels. This is because of the unbound qualities existent in the main source, rice. Rice is made up of some complex carbohydrates that remain stored in our muscles long after consumption. In this way, the nutrients derived from rice keep us on the run for a long time, unlike other sources of carbohydrates that burn quickly and raise the glucose level in our blood. These amazing health benefits of rice are carried over to its by-products like Rice Syrup. Generally, these syrups have a mild sweet flavor, about two-thirds as sweet as white sugar, one-half as sweet as maple syrup and one-third as sweet as honey. However, despite being so sweet, Rice Syrups never disturb insulin levels more than others do and do not pile on fat. So, be it organic Clear Rice Syrup or Brown Rice Syrup, these superior sweetening agents that are rich yet subtle and one of the best-known sugar substitutes. 

The manufacture of these unique and natural organic Rice Syrups involves a complex craft requiring a great deal of labor, knowledge and fine-tuned intuition. Derived from rice, a popular and nutritious cereal grain, it goes through a complicated fermentation process. This translucent, sweet amber liquid then goes on to become one of the best liquid sweeteners with high in soluble fiber and minimal blood sugar and insulin consequence. Some times a thin line of difference is derived between Rice Sweeteners and organic Rice Syrups on basis of usage, consistency and flavor. It is believed that the Rice Syrups like Organic Clear and Brown Rice Syrup are essentially thicker and have more concentrated flavor than Rice Sweeteners, which are ideal for use in our beverages. No matter what be the color or consistency of the liquid, all sorts of organic Rice Syrups are fast emerging as a bright prospect for diabetics, low-carb dieters and glucose intolerants.

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